Thursday, October 6, 2011

How right/wrong I was?

I write this blog and express my views not just on individual companies and their share prices but also overall market. Over the last one and a half year, I had observed on several occasions that Mr Market was either very enthusiastic or very depressed about a particular security or about general enthusiasm in top level companies that are part of Sensex/Nifty. How have I fared in my opinions? Following table summarises my opinion and today's outcome:

DateCompany/Sector/MarketPrice ThenMy ViewPrice Now
April 26, 2010Mcnally Bharat Engineering370Negative110
May 5, 2010Deepak Parekh (Sensex)17087Negative15792
May 7, 2010Banking Sector10505 (Sensex 16769)Negative9961 (Sensex 15792)
July 22, 2010FMCG3204.37Negative3819
September 3, 2010Sensex18221Negative15792

I also showed positive views on some of the small cap stocks like Indo Borax, Elegant Marbles, Small Caps. Although these companies haven't been multibagger but they have outperformed Sensex over the period they were recommended to now. Except FMCG sector, most of my calls were right in the above table. On the banking sector, I had put underperform rating for the next five years, but over the time period, it has done better than the Sensex it seems. Let's see if I come out winning my call or not.

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