Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beware of Frauds

I wanted investors to know about a strange company called 'Parekh Aluminex'. I had told my wife in 2007-2008 how can a company keep growing its revenue, debt and profits all at a steady pace of 30% per year, year after year forever. I wanted to dig deep to find the recent 95% drop in price in company's shares and then came across the article "The curious case of Parekh Aluminex" which saved all my efforts of writing. Please go ahead and read it.

Another one that I found was 'Hanung Toys and Textiles'. There were people recommending a buy on this company here and here. The company's share price has corrected by more than 90%.

Another ones that can be added to the list are 'Opto Circuits' and 'KS Oils' but not from fraud perspective and more from wrong management perspective.

The amount of debt that just these these companies had amount to around INR 5000+ crore and there are many such unlisted companies. God save the indian banking sector.

Update: I might add companies like Kwality in near future as my mother-in-law called me up to buy the company and when I looked at the financials, it feels like another Parekh Aluminex.
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