Thursday, May 15, 2008

Amazing Performance by India Inc

Everybody is cribbing about slowdown of performance of India Inc. Forget about what large companies in Sensex are doing. Look at companies outside Sensex and you will be surprised to see that many of the companies have given their best performance ever in their history. For example

Company NameProfit 07Profit 08% Change YOY
Pidilite 111.7 195E 74.6%
Asian Paints 281.03 409.18 45.6%
Blue Star 71.18 174.09 144.6%
Exide 155.21 250.33 61.3%
Marico 112.9 169.07 49.8%
Nestle 315.1 413.81 31.3%
CRISIL 61.43 83.6638 36.2%

These companies cover sectors ranging from chemicals to food to auto to finance. All these companies have what buffet says is "MOAT" i.e. a strong brand recall, monopoly/duopoly and a long term competitive advantage in my sense. I don't think the bull run of India Inc ends in 2008. This seems to be the beginning.
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