Thursday, August 21, 2008

Many midcaps at prices of December 2003

I was recently looking at charts of some of the midcap companies and found that many of them were trading at a price level available in 2003 December when Sensex was at 6000. Here is the list:

Automotive Axles was at 300 today at 280
FDC was at 50 (100 before 1:1 bonus) today at 35
ZF Steering Gear was at 140 (280 before 1:1 bonus) today at 155

During these five years, the earnings of these companies have increased significantly (3x for Automotive Axles, 2x for FDC and 4x for ZF Steering Gear). Sensex EPS has also grown by around 3x and Sensex is at 14500 i.e. 2.42x. This shows what happens to small companies when investors lose interest from them. All these are debt free companies with significant dividend yield of more than 3%.
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