Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Investors in Midcap stocks got a raw Deal

Investors in several midcap stocks are looking at a price the stocks had in mid 90's. Following is the small list that I had seen so far

CompanyHigh PriceYearCurrent Price/Equivalent Afert Bonus or Splits or Rights
Kabra Extrusion160199270/140
Elgi Equipments500199730/600
Ador Welding205199686/130
Savita Chemicals2501994125/210
Automotive Axles125199685/85
Balmer Lawrie3501992230/275

The companys' fundamentals have improved a lot and also their profits and earnings per share. The market was pretty bullish on these stocks in mid 90's and is very bearish at this time, both unwarranted it seems. All of these companies have paid continuous dividends over the last 10 years and their balance sheet do not contain big debt but their prices reflect the most pessimism.
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