Friday, March 6, 2009

How is LIC in managing investment?

LIC is the biggest insurance giant in India. Most people know that LIC has a very long term view on investments. But even long term investors like Buffett doesn't like to loose a lot of money in the short term (it is a different matter that Buffett lost 89% of USD 288 Million investing in Irish Banks this year). Lets take a look at the investments made by LIC in one recently listed company, Gateway Distriparks. Following is the investment pattern of LIC in GDL:

QuarterShares boughtAverage PriceTotal Investment (INR Crore)
March 200794560117016.07
June 200783142318014.96
Sept 200776777214010.75
Dec 2007331449614548.06

At the end of December 2008, the total INR 89.85 Crore invested in GDL was worth just INR 26.37 Crore on 6th March at a price of INR 45 per share. I will try to find more such investments.
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Unknown said...

Hi Chinmay,
The Post name should be
" How LIC is MISmanaging the investments". Isn't it ?

Chinmay said...

Hi Raibhan,

I am a bit worried about LIC suing me!!!!!!!


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