Thursday, December 17, 2009

F***ing Ba***rds

I am talking about BSE. I have maintained my own excel sheet of BSE500 and BSE SMALL CAP indices where I keep every company's book value, its debt, its profits and sales of last 20 years, etc... I have a practice of visiting their SMALL CAP and BSE 500 scrip watch page, copying the daily quotes, pasting them in an excel and copying the price column and pasting it to my own maintained excel sheet every day. But these guys keep changing the order of the scrip every day. Sometimes RIL is represented as Reliance Industries, sometimes Reliance Inds and sometimes RIL. When I paste the newly ordered prices into my excel sheet, price of Reliance Power appears against RIL and price of RIL against Reliance Infrastructure. Can somebody please lay off these guys at BSE and hire some professionals?
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Value Architects said...

u should rather do it on yahoo finance. I am using that since almost for a decade and it works beautifully!

Chinmay said...

Thanks for your advice.

Nirav Shah,CA,CPA said...

first copy and paste it to some temp excel sheet and run vlookup command into your excel sheet so it will exact match the name and populate price against the matched names

hope this would work for you

Kind Regards,

Nirav Shah

rajamani said...

hi chinmay ji,

could you post your fundamental views on austral coke fii holding has increased in the past qtr


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