Monday, July 5, 2010

Crows everywhere are equally black

The crows here are nothing but financial media, be it print, TV or now websites. See the following article Stocks which are expensive but still good for investors. Isn't the title itself contradictory? How can expensive stocks be good for investors?

There has been a lot of media bashing lately from bloggers across the world especially value investors like Barel Karsan and controversial bloggers like Zero Hedge.

The title of my article sums up the facts clearly so I don't need to explain much.
Sound investment principles produce generally sound results. -Benjamin Graham
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Ekram said...

Working in media myself, I don't like the "black crow" analogy but I totally agree on the point you make. Made me sit up too, that article.

From whatever little exposure in media that I have got I think there is a very clear difference between reporters recommending stocks and people with an investing outlook looking at stocks.

Sometimes there are no real reasons for recommending stocks at all. Just "achhaa lag raha hai." Sometimes they will recommend stocks because they have to show some "work". Or sometimes just to agree with the higher ups who are bullish on some idea.

Also one thing you will find missing in these publications is personal accountability/ responsibility for the stocks that they recommend because of which they can get away with anything they say.

Take care

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