Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sensex Nifty EPS after Q2FY11

Sensex ended at 19691.84 on 23rd November with P/E at 22.47. This gives Sensex EPS of 876.36. Nifty ended at 6010 on 22nd November with P/E at 23.98. This gives Nifty EPS of 250.62. This compares with Sensex EPS of 781.98 and Nifty EPS of 230.38 after Q2FY10. Thus Sensex EPS has increased by 12.07% and Nifty EPS by 8.78%. If the first two quarter numbers are anything to go by, the Sensex EPS at the end of FY11 should be 12% higher than last year's 828.5, i.e. somewhere around 930 and Nifty EPS should be 8.78% higher than last year's 239.64, i.e. around 260. Compare this with analyst's estimates of 1100 by Rakesh J, Motilal Oswal and Credit Suisse. This requires EPS growth of 25.52% in just two quarters, i.e. 51% compounded annually. All the best to analysts.
It is contrary to human nature for investors to take extreme precautions against future collapse when current conditions make for optimism. - Benjamin Graham

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