Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sensex EPS drops after SBI results

I had tried to give an early indication of Sensex EPS for the year 2011 in an earlier post. I had assumed that since around 46% of the companies; that are part of the Sensex; had announced results that increased EPS by 12.6% YoY, there will be some more gains in EPS when all the companies finish reporting their results. Today SBI announced their horrible results for the year ended March 2011 and the Sensex EPS; which was prevailing at somewhere around 933 (18345.03/19.66) yesterday; dropped to 924 (18137.35/19.63) today. Nifty still does not seem to be reflecting it. This result was before the interest rate hikes of 25 bps of January 2011 and 50 bps of May 2011 since the bad loans take at least 90 days/three months to come into banks' books. God help those analysts predicting an EPS of 1200 or more for FY12 (1100 for FY11 by Rakesh J, 1070 for FY11 by Motilal Oswal, 1250 for FY12 by Raamdeo, 1345 by UBS and 1100 for FY11 and 1250 for FY12 by Credit Suisse). Those who are finding PSU banks cheap on P/B or P/E basis need to rethink about the correctness of the results being published by UBI, Bank of Baroda, PNB, Canara Bank, IOB, Indian Bank, Allahabad Bank, Central Bank of India and Andhra Bank. I had already written about a coming banking crisis in India in September 2010 and I still stick to it.
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Kiran said...

I had this discussion with a medium sized enterprise CFO once. I asked him what happens if he can't repay debt due to economic downturn/increase in interest rates?
(similar to the situation you stated, but many notches lesser amount)

He just said that he would go and hand over the keys of the enterprise to the banker. The Banker usually freaks out as stripping assets for recovering a loan is extremely painful. The Banker usually agrees to reschedule the loan, which usually means extension of the time period of repayment...so the instalments would remain the same.

Defaulting due to lesser interest cover is hence a little difficult.

But the fundamental issue remains. Banks are in trouble.

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