Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sensex Nifty preliminary EPS after Q3FY11

While there are some companies, like Tata Steel, Tata Motors, M&M and Unitech still left to announce their Q3FY11 numbers, the preliminary EPS for Sensex and Nifty can still be calculated. Sensex ended at 18008.15 with a P/E of 19.78 which gives Sensex EPS of 910.42. The Nifty ended at 5395.75 with a P/E of 20.67 which gives Nifty EPS of 261.05. This compares with Sensex EPS of 876.36 and Nifty EPS of 250.62 at the end of Q2FY11 and Sensex EPS of 806.81 and Nifty EPS of 232.5 at the end of Q3FY10.Thus Sensex EPS has grown by 12.84% compared to last year while Nifty EPS has grown by 12.28%. This too in a year when the whole economy grew by more than 20% in nominal (inflation 12% + real 8%) terms. Now try to think how the EPS would grow to 1250 in five quarters, i.e. 28.86% compounded annually? If it cannot, then ask samir arora why he thinks Sensex is trading at 14.5-15 times FY12 earnings?

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