Saturday, May 26, 2012

I was wrong about CFS business

I had written about CFS business profitability to head south? on March 16, 2009 but the latest results from Gateway Distriparks show that the reverse is happening. The ROCE earned by GDL at that time was 20.15% but for FY12 results, it is 174.17/639.50 = 27.24% compared to 113.03/586.10 = 19.28% for FY11. Although some numbers do not make sense to me. The result published on NSE website for FY10 shows capital employed in CFS business as INR 273.30 Crore while the latest results on BSE show the same at INR 586.10 Crore, even though the total in all segments in both the results add up to INR 687.94 Crore. The difference started in results between FY08 and FY09 when capital employed dropped in CFS business from INR 441.83 Crore to INR 325 Crore but the depreciation in FY09 was just INR 44.47 Crore. In the same year, the capital employed in Rail Transportation business grew from INR 153.83 Crore to INR 426.89 Crore. Even the last year result on BSE shows capital employed in CFS business at INR 273.31 Crore so this year's results can be considered incorrect it seems but still we can say that even with the results with lesser capital employed, ROCE would come much higher.

I had also mentioned about investment by LIC in the company at an average price of INR 153 in year 2007. The current price of INR 143 is still below the investment price of LIC. The company came out with IPO at INR 92 in 2005 and also bought back shares in January 2009 at an average price of INR 81.


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